CalBEM 2019

A two-day event held at the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel in Sacramento, California on November 13th and 14th, 2019.

Archived Notes and other Materials

Pre-Symposium Materials

Working Group 1: Creating a Streamlined Process for Building Simulation

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A paper on standard reporting formats.
(Author: Charles Eley)
IBPSA-USA Building Data Exchange
Proposal for formation of a new data exchange standard committee for IBPSA-USA
(Author: Sagar Rao)
Proposal for new BEM Standard on Compliance Software (Nov 2019)
PNNL’s proposal for the new ASHRAE Standard for testing implementation of rulesets in software tools. This includes the Title, Purpose and Score recently approved at the Standards Committee.
Rulesets are Great. Certified Rulesets are Greater. (2018)
A paper on certified rulesets.
(Author: Amir Roth)
A Stable Whole Building Performance Method For Standard 90.1 (May 2013)
Stable Baseline approach in 90.1
(Authors: Mike Rosenberg and Charles Eley)
Roadmap Toward a Predictive Performance-based Commercial Energy Code (2014)
Various performance based codes format, pros and cons of each
(Author: Mike Rosenberg)
Simplified Energy Modeling approaches for code compliance and energy efficiency programs
(Author: Supriya Goel)
TSPR: The Total System Performance Ratio as a Metric for HVAC
System Efficiency (2018)
The Total System Performance Ratio approach as adopted by WA state
(Authors: City of Seattle and PNNL)

Working Group 2: Educating Users: Development of Key Resources and Guidelines

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IBPSA-USA Education Survey Report (Nov 2019)
DRAFT Cal TF Technical Position Paper #10: Recommendations for Improving BEM in California

Working Group 3: Capabilities and Accuracy: Advancing Simulation Capabilities & Metrics

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Summary of Readings and Additional Links
2019-10-18 Docket TDV 2022
CBECC-Com 2016 Gap Analysis
EnergyPlus Prioritized Feature Request 2019