Devise simple, elegant building energy modeling solutions to drive low-carbon building design and construction; without compromising the nation-leading advancements California has already made in energy efficiency and distributed generation.

CalBEM (California Building Energy Modeling) is an industry collective and an annual statewide event hosted by Southern California Edison on behalf of the California Investor-Owned Utilities. Participants are invited as representative voices in the field of energy modeling. Throughout the year the group collaborates on systemic solutions that advance California’s climate action goals. CalBEM is facilitated by industry-leaders who thoughtfully plan and drive progress through Working Groups focused on three core goals:

  1. Streamline & Simplify Processes: Provide a statewide framework that allows fewer energy models to be used for:
    • informing energy design decisions,
    • compliance with CA Energy Code and local Reach Codes, and
    • applying for public customer incentive programs and certifications.
  1. Educate Users: Support California’s long-term climate action goals by encouraging, training, and educating on the use of BEM tools.
  1. Improve Capabilities & Accuracy: Accelerate the introduction of new simulation capabilities into BEM tools while increasing simulation accuracy.

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The People

CalBEM is supported by the collective efforts of many individuals spread broadly across the building energy modeling discipline.

Point of Contact

  • Ryan McFadyen (Southern California Edison)

Steering Committee Members

  • Jim Kemper (Los Angeles Department of Water and Power)
  • Jeremy Reefe (San Diego Gas & Electric)
  • Kelly Cunningham (Pacific Gas & Electric)
  • Genesis Tang (California Public Utilities Commission)
  • Ryan McFadyen (Southern California Edison)
  • Randall Higa (Southern California Edison)
  • Mike Wilson (IBPSA-USA)
  • Carlo Gavina (Southern California Gas Company)
  • Nick Brown (CABEC)
  • Will Vicent (California Energy Commission)
  • Armen Saiyan (Los Angeles Department of Water and Power)

Planning Team (Coordination & Logistics)

  • Elise Wall (2050 Partners)
  • Alex Chase (2050 Partners)
  • Ted Pope (2050 Partners)
  • Neil Bulger (Red Car Analytics)