CalBEM’s purpose is to empower California’s building energy modeling (BEM) community to identify, explore, and prioritize the challenges they share, and then support solutions to those challenges to help to promote low-carbon buildings.

CalBEM (California Building Energy Modeling) is an industry collective and an annual statewide event hosted by Southern California Edison on behalf of the California Investor-Owned Utilities. Participants are invited as representative voices in the field of energy modeling. Throughout the year the group collaborates on systemic solutions that advance California’s climate action goals. CalBEM is facilitated by industry leaders who thoughtfully plan and drive progress through Working Groups focused on three core goals. Read more about CalBEM’s core goals or what the Working Groups are up to these days.

CalBEM is active in 2022!

Working Groups are humming along (updates can be found on the Working Group page) and the CalBEM 2022 symposium is planned for November 17-18th in Sacramento, CA. Registration will open later this summer.

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