Software Efficiency Intake Form

Do you have an idea for how a new technology or simulation functionality could expand energy modeling software and code compliance capabilities? Use the orange button below to submit your idea!

Submissions are reviewed and prioritized by CalBEM Working Group 3 members, then shared with staff at state agencies involved in the use of building energy model tools in California. Note that CalBEM is not a part of the CEC, CPUC, or other California regulatory body, and there is no guarantee that submitted ideas will be incorporated by these institutions once shared.

This form should not be used to submit code change proposals for the Statewide Codes and Standards Enhancement (CASE) Team to consider for the Title 24 code cycle. To learn more about submitting your ideas to the Statewide CASE Team, visit If you have a code change idea for the 2025 code cycle, please submit it here by January 15, 2022.

CalBEM encourages those with great ideas to submit them here to shape and enhance the conversation about the future of building energy modeling in California.