Recommendations for BEM Education in California

At CalBEM 2019, Working Group 2 identified a need for an in-depth exploration of existing BEM educational resources in order to identify gaps. The project was approved by the CalBEM Steering Committee in 2020 and funded by Southern California Edison, culminating in the release of this report in November 2021.

BEM is essential for energy code compliance, energy-efficient net-zero and high-performance building design, and improving existing building efficiency in California. A trained BEM workforce is needed to meet the growing demand for high-quality energy modeling. To support high-quality BEM in California, this report aims to:

  • Identify educational resources to increase awareness and effective BEM use in designing new buildings and improving existing building performance.
  • Develop recommendations for creating and improving BEM education programs and facilitating resource sharing in California.
  • Identify avenues for reaching new audiences to promote current and new BEM educational programs and resources.
  • Assess the current educational landscape and identify areas to build upon existing efforts.

The executive summary and full report can be viewed and downloaded here: